“Woman with Black Cravat” by Amedeo Modigliani

woman with black cravat by amedeo modigliani

“Woman with Black Cravat” remake by Paula Coraline

woman with black cravat remake by paula coraline

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“The Gleaners” by Jean-François Millet

the gleaners by jean franois millet

“The Gleaners” remake by Helene Pyy

the gleaners remake by helene pyy

“mademoiselle riviere” by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres

mademoiselle riviere by jean auguste dominique ingres

“mademoiselle riviere” remake by Monica Ceroni

mademoiselle riviere remake by monica ceroni

“Christinas World” Andrew Wyeth

christinas world andrew wyeth

“Christinas World” remake by Daryl Seitchik

christinas world remake by daryl seitchik

“Femme au chapeau” by Matisse

femme au chapeau by matisse

“Femme au chapeau” remake by Stella Vula

femme au chapeau remake by stella vula

“The Death of Marat” by Jacques-Louis David

the death of marat by jacques louis david

“The Death of Marat” remake by Ewa Wiktoria Dyszlewicz

the death of marat remake by ewa wiktoria dyszlewicz

“The Scream” by Edvard Munch

the scream by edvard munch

“The Scream” remake by Adam Robinson

the scream remake by adam robinson

“Café Terrace at Night” by Van Gogh

cafe terrace at night by van gogh

“Café Terrace at Night” remake by Jonathan Pruc

cafe terrace at night remake by jonathan pruc

“American Gothic” by Grant Wood

american gothic by grant wood

“American Gothic” remake by Jesse John Hunniford

american gothic remake by jesse john hunniford

“The Artist’s Mother” by James Abbott McNeill Whistler

the artists mother by james abbott mcneill whistler

“The Artist’s Mother” remake by Roxana Azar

the artists mother remake by roxana azar

“Narcissus” by Caravaggio

narcissus by caravaggio

“Narcissus” remake by Max Zerrahn

narcissus remake by max zerrahn

“The Girl With The Pearl Earring” by Johannes Vermeer

the girl with the pearl earring by johannes vermeer

“The Girl With The Pearl Earring” remake by Nienke Zondervan

the girl with the pearl earring remake by nienke zondervan

“The Falling Soldier” by Robert Capa

the falling soldier by robert capa

“The Falling Soldier” remake by Diego Fuente

the falling soldier remake by diego fuente

“Susanna Fourment” by Peter Paul Rubens

susanna fourment by peter paul rubens

“Susanna Fourment” remake by Megan Mitchell

susanna fourment remake by megan mitchell

“Ophelia” by John William Waterhouse

ophelia by john william waterhouse

“Ophelia” remake by Vinna Laudico

ophelia remake by vinna laudico

Portrait of a Man by Jan van Eyck

portrait of a man by jan van eyck

Portrait of a Man remake by Ryan Halliwill

portrait of a man remake by ryan halliwill

Girl reading a letter by an open window by Vermeer

girl reading a letter by an open window by vermeer

Girl reading a letter by an open window remake by Wanda Martin

girl reading a letter by an open window remake by wanda martin

Self Portrait 1889 by Vincent van Gogh

self portrait 1889 by vincent van gogh

Self Portrait 1889 remake by Seth Johnson

self portrait 1889 remake by seth johnson

“Lady with an ermine” by Leonardo da Vinci

lady with an ermine by leonardo da vinci

“Lady with an ermine” remake by Wanda Martin

lady with an ermine remake by wanda martin

“Der Arme Poet” by Carl Spitzweg

der arme poet by carl spitzweg

“Der Arme Poet” remake by Regina Speer

der arme poet remake by regina speer