Email marketing is one of the most efficient marketing channels on the Cyberspace. Email marketing is a variety of direct marketing that uses email as its communication channel. Direct marketing is an umbrella term used to describe all marketing forms that go straight to the end user, thus not passing through the traditional advertising channels, which include television, print and radio.

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Types of email marketing:

1. Direct email.

Direct email regards sending a promotional message in the form of an email. It might be an announcement of a special offer, e.g.. Just as you might have a list of client or prospect postal addresses to send your promotions too, so you can collect a list of customer or candidate email addresses.

You can also rent lists of email addresses from service companies. They値l let you send your message to their own address lists. These services can normally let you target your message according to, for example, the interests or geographical location of the owners of the email.

2. Retention email.

Or else of promotional email designed only to encourage the recipient to take action, you might send out retention emails. These usually take the form of regular emails known as newsletters. A newsletter may carry promotional messages or advertizings, but will aim at developing a long term impact on the subscribers. It should furnish the readers with value, which means more just sales messages. It should contain data which informs, entertains or differently gains the readers.

3. Advertising in other people痴 emails.

Rather of producing your own newsletter, you can find newsletters published by others and pay them to put your advertisement in the emails they send their subscribers. So, there are many email newsletters that are made for just this purpose - to sell advertising space to others.

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Email Marketing is Not Junk e mail.

Many people are loath to start using email marketing because they tie in it with spam. In other words, they consider that email marketing is the art of spamming other people and trying on to make money while doing it. This is obviously a confusion between the tool and how you use the tool. Email marketing is just a marketing tool. How you use it is a all different story. Sure, some people use email marketing to spam, but you値l find that most use it legitimately and ethically.

In fact if you subscribe to the email newsletter of any reputable company, blogger or online marketer I am sure you値l be surprised by the caliber of the content you値l get from it.

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Advantageous of Email Marketing.

Your message is sent direct to the audience mailbox, you are effectively in their face.

Contingent on the data you have within your mailing list you have the power to greet each audience member thus giving the email campaign a personal touch.

Using the right email marketing solutions you can easily measure the effect of your marketing campaign. Combining this with targeted landing pages.

Whether your email list comes from a third party or your own list compiled from your website forms. It will be placed ; the audience that subscribe to this list are a captive audience that has requested to hear about specific products and services.

Email marketing is one of the oldest means of marketing products and services on the internet, granted some of the regulations have changed though the fundamentals are all still the same.

Keep it snappy, qualify your list, try and use software that reports back to you the achiever of the campaign and keep testing.