This map has a very loose interpretation of where the major french cities should be and of the size of France.

cnn error

This was seen on CNN at around 11pm Bangkok time and it scrolled past three times before it rather hurriedly disappeared.

CNN Typo with Watermark

cnn typo with watermark

Anuncios Google

We heard Kyra Phillips on the air from the bathroom during Bushís speech, live on CNN moments ago. She was talking about her brotherís bitchy wife, and how hard it is to find a compassionate man.


cnn mic

CNN obviously wishes Senator McCain was a Democrat.

cnn mccain

For one seventh of a second Ė four frames in film terms Ė a computer X appeared on the face of Dick Cheney in a CNN broadcast.

cheney snafu 4858

When reporting on the  Columbia shuttle tragedy, CNN made the mistake of reporting that the shuttle was traveling nearly 18 times the speed of light.  This is impossible as the speed of light is considered "the speed limit of the universe" and nothing can travel faster than light, or more appropriately, electromagnetic radiation.

cnn shuttle speed of light mistake 6747

CNN Finace or Finance?

cnn finace or finance

Grammar mistakes happen, but do they really have to happen to the lead story on CNNís website?

CNN Website

cnn website

Barack Obama appears to be a magnet for press errors. He was mistaken for ďOsamaĒ

cnn error obama press

CNN - Microsoft

cnn live error screen